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Maksuda Akhtar Meetu
Fashion Design Student

I am very proud to be a part of Fashionista. It has provided me with a lot of knowledge and also gave me an opportunity to learn a lot while working with Matrix Clothing. I thank Fashionista for making me what I am today.

Oneza Ahmad
Interior Design Student Fashionista - Now Director at Design Ecstasy

Come here in June 2011 with nervousness, curiosity with cold hands & feet got into the class. Interior designing began with line practicing, thought  - Ahh! This is so easy. I am master at it but eventually learned  the practicality. From line till practicality the journey was impeccable. Classes, Ma’am, assignments, all these rolled upon my mind throughout. My luck it was that got such an opportunity to accomplish this beautiful journey with different junctions in between. Stage after stage it so happened and now I am here with that attainment and satisfaction. This could never have happened without an R.C.C support (M.D ma’am & Papia ma’am  - immense respect to both of U)…

Not just this but this institution serves a lot of placement offers in Delhi and other States.  Got  internship placement in leading firm in Mumbai.

“Learning till your capable” is the mottos of this organization, the only thing we need to put in is HARDWORK  and we are there,  where we want.
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Fashion Retail & Merchandising Student working at Orient Craft

"Good experience. Teacher is very helpful and whenever I faced any problem related to study my teacher helped me a lot and cleared all my doubts so I can say my experience is good."

Kunal Khatri
Fashion Retail & Merchandising Student working at “Orient Craft’’

" About my experience I would recommend my friends, relatives and others to join Fashionista if they are going for fashion related education because its best faculty and teaching method. The things which had attracted me is the best teaching method and timely action for students."

Mudita Chadha        
Fashion Design Student

"I have got to improve my qualitative skills to a level to be presentable in front of the industry in a professional way. These skills have been imparted through knowledge & excellence provided by Institute. Currently working with famous Designer “Ritu Beri”

Jyoti Parmar
Fashion Design Student currently working in Cantabil International as a Manager.

"Fashionista is one of the best Fashion Institute I have come across with. The exposure we are getting in this Institute is amazing. The program it is proving us with, is really good. Overall it is the great Institute to be in for gaining knowledge."

Vikrant Makkar
Fashion Design Student

"Best of knowledge about fashion world is provided by Fashionista and Faculty is so co operative and best according to me. They support all the time when we need them. I have started my own studio."

Prathoni Yengkhum ( POCO )
Fashionista Student - opened his own label "Poco & Jacky"

" Fashionista has been a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed and also learned whatever I wanted to learn form Fashionista. I  can call myself a designer, regardless of good or bad ;) .., all because of Fashionista. Thank you, Team of Fashionista. "

Archna Tanwar
Fashion Design Student

Fashionista faculty had helped in giving guidance to achieve goals & objectives. They have nurtured my skills & talent. I thank the institute for their support & help for brightening my future career with their experience & guidance.

Deepika Prakash
Fashion Design Student

My experience about Fashionista is very wonderful. I feel extremely comforted when think about what I have learnt here and have emerge myself as a better person knowledge wise personality wise.

Fashion Design Student

I learn a lot from this institute provides learning & healthy environment. Happy to be a part of Fashionista.

Kajal Verma
Fashion Design Student

Fashionista has given me a great experience. I have learned a lot from Fashionista. It was a good experience. Teachers are very supportive & helped me a lot to improve my illustration skills.

Sangeeta Soni
Fashion Design Student

I would say faculties are awesome; they all are helpful & friendly in nature. I think credit goes our MD Ma’am just because of her we are getting such kind of faculty & the environment where anyone can bright their future.

Jaya Khaneja
Fashion Design Student - ( Started with my own studio )

The syllabus taught here to us is in core & details, which is nice for student to clear their basic concepts. The teacher helps us to clear our doubts & concepts. I am really grateful to MD Ma’am for all the help & support.  Have opened my own studio and with all my learnings from Fashionista I am climbing the stairs of success.