Fashionista - The School of Fashion Technology is an answer to the larger than life and vastly diversified fashion industry. It is the place of arty expression, to boost creation & novelty within the industry & to enable ‘trends’ to shine forth.

It has been imparting education for self employment and successful career development. It offers an amalgamation of theoretical and practical skills, supported by an understanding of the social culture, context and industry needs.

Fashionista has a world class intellect training which is in tune with the needs of the modern industries in India, as well as all over the world.

We produce innovative, well-informed and motivated professionals with the ability to analyze, synthesize and conclude various complex issues related to design, planning and technical management.

Fashionista garner in students, the technical skills to influence and respond social change by setting trends in visual culture and global fashion.

Our learning solutions enhance wisdom through effective training.

Fashionista is a private organisation Statutorily Registered.


Our Vision is to develop artistic & academic potential in the budding designers. We aim at creating entrepreneurs with burly caliber and developing professionals with innovative skills to face the challenges in the world of Fashion and Design.


Our Mission is not only incubating raw talents but also fostering them into highly regarded professionals and also give them a taste of the real world of fashion.


Our commitment is to hone skills and nurture the creativity of young minds and to broach dazzling style statements by offering them industry oriented curriculum of international standards.

Neetu Pavan Manikatalia
Managing Director

As a Managing Director of Fashionista - The School of Fashion Technology, she is committed to career that focuses on education. With a vision of taking Education and Fashion, to another level, she has come up with education system, which is exceptional in every aspect. Under the haven of her, Fashionista, the brand has not only seen the light of the day but has already housed some of the top faces of the fashion fraternity.

Her affair with academics has been long standing and passionate. Her address to the fashion scene is intelligent and studied, yet imaginative and inspired. By coming up with a brand of such immense caliber as Fashionista, she has now carved a niche in the fashion industry. She has made her presence felt in the world of fashion by coming up with a number of Fashion shows involving the most highlighted names of the glamour world, be it the case of models or designers.

She dreams to make Fashionista a landmark in the fashion fraternity by encouraging arty expression and proficient exchange of encounters, which boost creation and novelty within the industry and enable ‘trends’ to shine forth.


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