Fashionista Joins To Fight Against COVID-19

New Delhi: Not only health crises and emergency situation but also increase the demand for the masks, sanitizers, and gloves at this present scenario. India is a country known for its customs and traditions. People are known for helping one another during tough times. Day by day the number of cases is rapidly increasing in the country. In order to lend a helping hand Fashionista The School of Fashion and Technology has taken the initiative of making masks for the face. On a daily basis, students of the institution are engaged in the activity of making a mask in order to avoid the spread of the virus. Students of the institute are distributing the mask to the ones who need it. The institution is also creating awareness about the pandemic in a very active manner During these hard times, every effort even if it's a little count to protect society.

"Wearing a mask is extremely crucial in preventing the spread as it reduces the risk of traveling the virus from one person to another. In the first few days, an affected person does not show any symptom and hence every person in his vicinity is equally vulnerable to the virus. If everyone wears mask it may, to a great extent, reduces the risk of spread. We are Very proud of our faculty and students who are working strenuously to fight against this crisis', salad Neetu Pavan Manikatalla, Managing Director, Fashionista -The School of Fashion Technology.

Under such uncertain situations also it is important to assure that learning does not stop. For that the institution is taking online admission and online classes. Fashionista institute is aimed at creating entrepreneurs who have a burly caliber. They prepare students in such a manner that will enable them to face all the hardships and challenges of the professional world. The institute is engaged in imparting education in a manner through which students become self-independent and have a bright future. In their education system, they not only provide theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge.

One should try to help as much as they can even if it's a little. The situation is quite tough and hard. Everyone needs to stay together and fight in order to mitigate COVID-19.

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