The impact of COVID 19 on the education industry by Neetu Pavan Manikatalia, Managing Director, Fashionista –The School of Fashion Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic is the first and foremost health crisis for the entire world. Life under lockdown bought many changes in the educational sector. Institutions came up with an e-learning program. Remote learning appeared to be the only solution in this tough time as it offers easy, convenient, and pocket friendly reach to education. E-learning, as compared to classroom teaching, fetches an interesting and interactive option for students. Digital education right now is the best alternative to fill in the gap for classroom education while lowering the chances of any infection to students until classes start.

Digital learning offers several advantages like being cost-effective, more engrossing experience from the comfort of home, and vast learning horizon. Digital education bridges the void of classroom education and has benefited a large number of populations.

Students of Fashionista- The School of Fashion Technology came up with their creativity at its best. No lockdown on talent at this institute as it goes digital amid the outbreak of the pandemic-Coronavirus. The students have been seen doing cat-walks from their home and showcased their amazing collections. The spirit and enthusiasm of the students and fashionista have been remarkable. They have kept their passion intact without disrupting lockdown rules. Apparently, in this adversity, their efforts are epitome for many of us.

Fashionista – The School of Fashion Technology has been inculcating various ideas to its students to face new challenges and providing opportunities to nurture their talent. Adding another feather to its cap by going fully digital students and the institute have proved that they stand with each other in all situations. Online fashion show fetches several benefits as it can reach myriads of the audience, it makes the student work individually bringing the most creative skills without other’s help and so on.

But at the same time, many institutions are swarmed with queries from students relating to admission, choosing courses, and many humdrum that they face. The Government, however, has unlocked almost all sectors by now. As far as the education industry is concerned, permission from the government to reopen the admin department can prove really beneficial to help students choose their future.



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