Fashionista: The School Of Fashion Technology Dives Into Making Face Masks To Fight Coronavirus Pandemic

As the number of cases of Coronavirus pandemic escalating, Fashionista - The School of Fashion Technology has taken the initiative of making face masks. It is the need of the hour to fulfil the social responsibility and Fashionista - The School of Fashion Technology is doing exactly the same The institute through its students has been engaged day in day out in making face masks to reduce the risk of the virus from spreading and students distributing it in their own vicinity to the people who need it. Fashionista - The School of Fashion Technology has been working actity to create awareness about the pandemic In these tough times every effort counts to prot our society

Neetu Pavan Manikatalia, Managing Director, Fashionista The School of Fashion Technology says, "Wearing a mask is extremely crucial in preventing the spread as it reduces the risk of travelling the virus from one person to another. The first few days an affected person does not show any symptom and hence every person in his vicinity is cually vulnerable to the virus. If everyone wears mask it may, to a great extent reduces the risk of spread. We are very proud of our faculty and students who are working strenuously to fight against this crisis'.

In this uncertain environment, it's important that learning continues, even if it can't happen in person. That's why Fashionista The School of Fashion Technology has started online admissions as well as online classes for all courses for the convenience of students. Online classes aim at pine the studies continued and make students ready to face abrupt challenges without deviating from their path.

Fashionista - The School of Fashion Technology is an answer to the larger than life and vastly diversified fashion Industry with the vision to develop artistic & academic potential in the budding designers They aim at creating entrepreneurs with the busty calibre and developing professionals with innovative skills to face the challenges of the world of Fashion and Design.

It is the place of art expression to boost creation & novelty within the industry to enable trends to shine forth It has been imparting education for self-employment and successful career development. It offers an amalgamation of theoretical and practical skills, supported by an understanding of the social culture contred and industry needs.

Fashionista The School of Fashion Technology has a world class intellect training which is in tune with the needs of the modern industries in India, as well as all over the world. They produce innovative well informed and motivated professionals with the ability to analyze, synthesize and conclude various complex issues related to design planning and technical management.

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